Aishwarya -The First Indian to Win a World Title in Motorsports

Aishwarya -The First Indian to Win a World Title in Motorsports

Aishwarya Pisay made history on Monday as the first Indian to win a world title in motorsports. The 23-year-old lifted the FIM World Cup in the women’s division after the final round of the championship in Hungary.

She reached the final round of the leaderboard championship after winning the podium finals in two of the four rounds of the championship. Pisse started the Hungarian Baja with a seven-point lead and took the moment by race, finishing the race with 65 points, four more than Portugal’s Rita Vieira, in the women’s final overall standings

Going into the Hungarian Baja, Aishwarya (52) and Vieira (45) topped the World Cup. Pisse finished the race in fourth place, enough to see it finished.

“It’s too much. I am not in words. What happened last year, my first international season, when I crashed in Baja, Spain and suffered a career-threatening injury, it was a great feeling to come out and win the championship, ”said Pisse, ecstatic after the podium celebrations.

“It’s been a tough phase of my life, but I believe in myself and am determined to get back on my bike after about six months. So, winning the World Cup is huge for me and improving my performance with this experience,” she said.

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