OnePlus 7T, 7T Pro India launch date leaked: Next-gen OnePlus 7T phones could come two months early

OnePlus 7T, 7T Pro India launch date leaked: Next-gen OnePlus 7T phones could come two months early


  • OnePlus is rumoured to launch the OnePlus 7T series phones in India on September 26.
  • The US and European markets will witness the launch on October 10.
  • Sales of the OnePlus 7T series will begin from October 15.

In the last few weeks, we have heard a lot about the OnePlus TV. From its name to some of its expected features, there’s a lot of hype surrounding this product. Surprisingly, unlike previous years, there’s very little discussion about the ‘T’ upgrades to the OnePlus 7 series, with the only exception of the OnePlus 7T Pro leaking in some occasions and flaunting its screen as well as cameras. While we are yet to ogle on the official renders, we now know when OnePlus is going to launch them in India. Hint: you don’t have to wait long.

Now before you get your hopes too high, do remember that OnePlus hasn’t announced the dates officially and this information could be false. But if you are up for it, then here’s the thing – the OnePlus 7T series is coming as soon as September 26. That’s almost two whole months before the scheduled launch date for the T series OnePlus phones.
According to tipster Max J on Twitter, OnePlus is possibly launching the phones a bit earlier than usual. The reasons are unknown but the dates are out. India is getting to see the OnePlus 7T series before any other market. That’s right, the US and the European Union will have to wait until October 10 to see the phones. And sales will begin from October 15. This falls just in line with the festive season.

The leak mentions that there will be a special event for the Indian market. What’s special? It’s not known but it may not be wrong to guess that we could see the OnePlus TV along with the OnePlus 7T series phones.

There’s no reason mentioned as to why OnePlus is rushing things by almost two months. From what we can see, the Indian market is quite important for the brand and given that the Indian festive season is coming earlier this year, OnePlus is willing to bring these phones to the markets in a bid to capitalise on the festive season sales.

So far, the tech community expects that OnePlus will only be upgrading the chipset to the newer Snapdragon 855 Plus from the older Snapdragon 855 on the OnePlus 7T Pro. The Pro variant is also expected to come with slightly upgraded cameras and maybe new colour variants. There’s no information on the OnePlus 7T although leaks suggest it could only get the newer Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset.

Most importantly, it is expected that OnePlus will either show the OnePlus TV at the September launch this year. Or, we could see the OnePlus TV getting an exclusive launch later in November.

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